Five ways businesses are using 3D scans to engage with their customers

mobile vr

Technology has evolved to experience the world in 3D. To allow us to see it, move through it and interact with objects and other people, thus making it a new and ever-changing way to engage and enhance the customer experience. Restaurants, hotels, banquet spaces, beauty salons, office spaces, the list goes on are now using a creative way to entice and enhance the consumer experience by using 3D scan technology.

So what is 3D technology? You might be familiar with the 360 views that google street provides but this 3D technology is slightly different and totally new. The technology allows for your customers to get a fully immersive view of your space in high definition without distortion via their mobile phone, web browser and/or 3D Oculus Rift goggles, Samsung goggles, or Google Glass.

If you have ever heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 3D scan is like a thousand pictures.

Here are the five reasons for using this technology.

  1. Provide a better virtual brochure of your business online and post-sales support. In other words, reduce the time it takes for a customer to decide upon using your venue/business.

  2. Great marketing tool with features such as shareable links for social media, websites, and emails.

  3. Tourism drives a lot of consumer traffic, with over 50 million tourists coming to Chicago every year. 3D scans will help them identify the places to visit.

  4. Change the search and selection experience of your consumer by using multimedia tags such as photos, information, links, and music.

  5. Your personal 3D scans can be directly integrated into Google Street view format.